SESDAC - Southeast South Dakota Astronomy Club



Quick Bio:

The name...by calling ourselves the SouthEast South Dakota Astronomy Club, we don't pretend to be the only astronomy club in the southeast quadrant of the state. And we are not trying to compete with other clubs for members. The reasons for the name are mainly: to be inclusive of all areas of southeast South Dakota that are not currently reached by an astronomy club. The other reason is: for those who are in one of those other clubs, we want them to know they are welcome to "moonlight" (no pun intended) and join us for observing on nights when their club does not have an observing event.

We aren't yet fully organized yet, so we don't have one set night when we observe each month. (i.e. Saturday nearest New Moon). But we do have organized observing sessions the weekend of new moon almost every month. Sometimes it is Friday and sometimes it is Saturday. Some of the more intrepid astronomers in the club go out and observe on above average transparency nights during the workweek on short notice. Some clubs hibernate during the winter. We do not. Some of our most dedicated members go out and observe during sub-zero temps in the winter!